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Academia vs Industry: when a good idea isn’t enough

The path from academia to industry is riddled with obstacles: business plans, funding schemes, market studies... Spin-off companies tread this trail, and hopefully develop a commercial product that exploits the discoveries made by academics. But good science does not necessarily mean fruitful business. And to illustrate this transition we talked with Dr. Veronika Stepankova, CEO [...]

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January Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

2018 is starting off strong! Great news for Synbio start ups, new biotech application and lots of Synbio events coming up! Check out our Top10 of BactToTheFuture stories! Hacking microbes: the business of the future is here to stay The company Ginkgo bioworks has been all over the news in the last months. This biotech [...]

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One year of joined efforts in science and industry

A year has passed since our project Rafts4Biotech officially started last January and coinciding with our first anniversary all the partners have met in Brussels for our third General Assembly. It has been a year full of scientific progress, successful discussion and knowledge exchange that has served to set up the basis of the project [...]

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E. coli: A missunderstood bacterium with an incredible potential

When hearing the name E. coli most people get scared, as food poisoning, stomach pain or even death are some of the things that come to their mind. What many don’t’ know is that E. coli does not only refer to the famous pathogen but to many other strains of the same species that are [...]

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December Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

January, a month for reflection and decision making. Time to evaluate last year’s achievements and to set new goals for this new one! 2017 was for sure a year full of successful Synbio moments, and while we wait for 2018 to bring us more here you have our closing selection of the year with December’s [...]

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Keep calm and express your proteins

If you have ever worked with proteins you know the struggle. You identify your gene of interest, design the perfect construct, send it out to be synthesized and wait for it to be delivered to you. After some weeks you receive it, insert it into your host cell and ta-dah! Your protein is not expressed [...]

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November Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

It's December already ! We start the countdown of 2017 with this selection of BactToTheFuture SynBio stories, enjoy!   From the lab to your plate: the #synbio recipe of your dinner The race for faux meat production continues and SynBio doesn’t stay behind! It is not only a more sustainable, but also vegan alternative for [...]

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Less genes, more answers. This is how minimal genomes can help us understand life and boost biotechnology.

Humans, like computers, are programmed. Our lifeblood is encoded in our DNA, a long helix of nucleic acids that contains our instructions. Combinations of four letters (A, C, G, and T) that give rise not only to us but to all the different organisms with one thing in common: life. Great progress has been made [...]

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October Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

The Halloween decorations disappeared and the Christmas ornaments start conquering the cities. We know, October just flew by! But we don’t want you to miss any of these SynBio stories from BactToTheFuture, here is our monthly selection: 1.Natural, non-toxic and recyclable. #Bacterial ink to write, print or dye! If you are looking for a sustainable [...]

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September Top10 BactToTheFuture stories

Make sure you didn't miss any of the best BactToTheFuture stories from September! Here you have the top10! 1.Design #Bacteria and help astronauts colonise Mars with this #SynBio game from @WellesleyHCI Everyone knows that bacteria are very small organisms. What many don’t know is that they can produce pretty much anything we want them to! [...]

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