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#MeetTheTeam – Daniel López

In this month’s #MeetTheTeam video we introduce you to our project coordinator Daniel López and his lab at CNB-CSIC. From destroying bacterial lipid rafts to fight pathogens and infection to constructing synthetic rafts to improve biotechnological processes, Daniel and his team know all about these cellular microdomains! Watch this video and find out more! [...]

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July top10 BactToTheFuture stories

BactToTheFuture does not go on vacation and keeps sharing amazing synbio stories with us! Here is July’s top 10! 1. From meatless meat to animal free leather. Amazing products obtained thanks to #CellularAgriculture in #NewHarvest2018! Cells are the fields and factories of the future that will revolutionise the way we obtain daily products like meat, [...]

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10 tips for communicating synbio

Spider silk made by goats, meatless meat brewed by yeast or animal-free leather produced by bacteria. For many, these inventions may sound like science-fiction, but they are real products available thanks to synthetic biology (synbio). A scientific field that remains unknown for most of the population, and we know what happens when scientific innovation moves [...]

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Rafts4Biotech first monitoring meeting

It’s amazing how time flies! At Rafts4Biotech we just recently completed the first 18 months of our project and thus we gathered in Brussels for our first monitoring meeting with the EC officer Carmen de Vicente and the expert Mickaël Desvaux. All the work package leaders presented their achievements and it was a great [...]

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June top10 BactToTheFuture stories

We dive into the summer with this selection of refreshing synbio stories from BactToTheFuture!  1.We love #microbes. We love #art. Best way to combine them? #AgartArt! Yes. We love microbes and art so much that we decided to start a new section in BactToTheFuture dedicated to the two of them. We start with this amazing [...]

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Rafts4Biotech Symposium

Lifelong learning is our mindset and thus, at Rafts4Biotech we are organising our first training activity this September 18th &19th . Our R4B Symposium will take place in Madrid and will have Lipid Membrane Eukaryotic & Prokaryotic Biology Symposium as a central topic, as membranes play a key role in our project. This symposium [...]

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May top10 BactToTheFuture stories

BactToTheFuture brought a lot of Synbio debate and amazing applications in May. Did you miss them? Don’t worry, we selected the Top10 for you! 1. If we want #Synbio in our lives, we have to talk about it. Applications, benefits, concerns, regulation. Let’s debate! Genetically modified organisms have been a very controversial topic for decades, [...]

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#FutureOfSynBio – Uwe Völker

The new episode of our new video series #TheFutureOfSynbio features our partner Uwe Völker fom Greifswald University. He explains us how model organisms like Bacillus subtilis can help us answering the most basic questions of Biology! Thanks to Synbio and the OMICS technologies we can understand how cells function at the molecular level and [...]

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The Big Data of life

For centuries we have attempted to answer some of the most fundamental questions of biology and tried to understand how life works at the most basic level. It wasn’t that long ago that we first discovered the molecular actors of life -nucleic acids, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates- and it wasn’t until 1958 that we understood [...]

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Rafts4Biotech reaches 1000 followers!

We are very glad to celebrate our first 1000 followers precisely on this date, coinciding with Europe Day! We take the chance to thank all the followers out there for their interest in Synthetic Biology and European research and also the Horizon 2020 programme for making this project possible. We keep working on engineering synthetic [...]

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This is the R4B blog. Here you will find all about the progress of our project and regular posts about the experience and expertise of our partners. If you are interested in learning about the power of Synthetic Biology, the amazing features of microorganisms and their biotechnological applications stay tuned and follow our updates!

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